Quantity surveying – Part 1

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This is a beginners guide to quantity surveying. This pdf includes topics related to the sub-structure part of a building illustrated in a simple language with 3D photos.


  • What is Quantity Surveying?
  • Calculation for M10,M15,M20 & M25 Grade of Concrete
  • Why do we use the conversion factor “1.54” in concrete?
  • Excavation to Footing Casting steps in Construction
  • Calculation of Rectangular footing concrete & shuttering
  • Calculation of Rectangular footing PCC
  • Why do we prefer trapezoidal footings over pad footings
  • Calculation of trapezoidal footing concrete & shuttering
  • What is Neck Column?
  • Calculation of neck column concrete & shuttering
  • What is a Tie Beam?
  • Difference between Tie Beam & Plinth Beam
  • Calculation of tie beam concrete & shuttering
  • Calculation of tie beam PCC
  • What are Plinth Beams?
  • Calculation of plinth beam concrete & shuttering
  • Calculation of plinth beam PCC
  • Calculation of Grade Slab Concrete (PCC)
  • What is a Retaining Wall?
  • Calculation of Retaining wall Concrete
  • Calculation of Excavation quantity
  • Calculation of Backfill quantity

56 reviews for Quantity surveying – Part 1

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